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Information and links defending the atoning sacrifice of our Lord Jesus for the church and the whole world.

The Restoration of All Things * The Ransom for All * Basis for Atonement

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PLEASE NOTE! We are providing the following links because they provide valuable information in understanding various teachings of the Bible. However, this does not mean that we endorse each and every expression stated in these references, nor that we endorse the total teachings and practices of the individuals or groups that provide the websites.


Resources on Bible Students sites – The authors linked to in this section are authors who are associated with the Bible Students movement.

The Man Christ Jesus – A Ransom for All (Hosea 13:14; 1 Timothy 2:3-6)

Herald of Christ’s Kingdom

A Ransom for All

Ransom and Restitution – How Long, O Lord?

I Have Found a Ransom Job 33

The Philosophy of the Atonement

A detailed analytical examination of Romans 5:13-21

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Sect Denies “A Ransom for All”

What Can A Man Believe?

Outlining the plan of God for man from the Bible

Reconciliation for All — Jeff Mezera

God Has A Plan

This illustrated article shows the entire plan of God from Genesis to Revelation.

The Good News of Two Salvations

God’s plans for life on earth as well as in heaven.

Divine Plan Online

Divine Plan Order Form Suggested Items to purchase:

Book: Studies in the Scriptures

Videotape: Ransom and Restitution

Videotape: Amazing Grace (can be seen online: Online Videos)

Dawn Bible Students Association

Jesus – The World’s Savior

Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice

The Blood of Atonement

Faithbuilder’s Fellowship

“A Ransom For All”

AGS Consulting

The Blood of Christ Ransom or Pardon — Which?

The Day of Atonement
Ransom and Testimony: Will They Become Co-Extensive? — 1 Timothy 2:1-6
Precious Blood
A Ransom – In What Sense?
Ransom or Pardon – Which?
Do You Believe in the Ransom?
Questions on the Ransom
Precious Blood of Jesus
The Blood of Jesus — Hebrews 4:15
A Question Concerning the Ransom
A Search for Atoning Blood
The Blood of the Sprinkling of the Passover
The Atonement For Sin
Who Gave Himself a Ransom – 1 Timothy 2:5,6
Ransomer, Redeemer, Sin Offering, Atoner, Advocate, Mediator
Passover and Atonement Day Sacrifices
The Ransom and the Sin Atonement
Ransom Points to Be Remembered
The Philosophy of the Ransom
The Ransom and the Church
The Ransom and Its Application to All Mankind
Ransom — Ransom Price — Sin Atonement
The Church Not a Part of the Ransom
Question Re Atonement
Ye Were Bought With a Price – 1 Corinthians 6:20
The Blood of Sprinkling of the Passover — Exodus 12:23
The Ransom and the Sin-Offering
The Ransom-Price and Its Application
Ransom Not the Sin-Offering

Bible Standard

Why Did Jesus Die?
This link is PDF.

Bible Today

The Ransom Price

Christian Questions Talk Radio with a Purpose


Are All Sins Forgivable?

Are Christians Supposed to Convert the World?

Can One Who Dies an Unbeliever Still be Saved?

Did Jesus Die for All or Just a Few?

Did Jesus Die for Everyone?

Did Jesus Die for Unbelievers?

Does God Forgive Suicide?

Does God play Favorites?

Does God Play Favorites? (Part I)

Does God Play Favorites? (Part II)

Does God Predetermine Who Gets Baptized?

Does God Really Have a Plan? Part 1

Does God Really Have a Plan? Part 2

Does God Waste the Seeds of the Gospel?

Has the Gospel had an Easy Road?

Have You Been Elected?

Have YOU Ever Been a Prodigal Son?

He is Not Here; He is Risen!!

His Ransom – Our Redemption

How do Repentance and Forgiveness Work?

How Do YOU Find Jesus?

If Jesus Knocked, would You Answer?

Is the Gospel for Everyone?

Is the Gospel Working or Failing?

So, What’s the Plan? (Part I)

So, What’s the Plan? (Part II)

Was God’s Law Really Fair?

What Did the Resurrection Really Accomplish

What Gives You Hope?

What is a Presumptuous Sin? (Part I)

What is a Presumptuous Sin? (Part II)

Who are the Called, Chosen and Faithful?

Who did Jesus die for?

Who Gets Saved?

Will God Save the Earth? (Part I)

Will God Save the Earth? (Part II)


Other Resources – The authors of material in the links of this section may not believe in the “ransom for all”.


Atonement – by Henry Grew, 1857

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