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Advantage Or Frontline For dogs?

About 10 years ago, my husband and I were truly blessed to get a best friend into our lives and house — a Golden Retriever puppy, who we called Aisha, She was an absolutely wonderful dog who touched our lives in innumerable ways. She was a fully integrated member of our family, and participated in everything we did– whether it was going for long hikes, snuggling with us on weekend mornings, playing with the kids, or visiting friends. Given how integral a part of lives she was, it was of utmost importance to us that she be as healthy and comfortable as possible. For both her sake and ours, we really didn’t want any fleas or ticks to be on her. Initially, we started using Advantage, a well known and actually quite effective flea and tick treatment. This is a topical treatment that needs to be applied once a month on the dog’s skin. We used this diligently on a monthly basis, and Aisha was totally flea and tick free. However, the issue was that Aisha absolutely hated the actual application of the medicine itself. I am not sure if it’s the smell of the medicine (even though it appeared to be odorless to me) that annoyed her, or whether the medicine irritated her skin, or what exactly it was. But every time that I opened the vial, she would try to disappear and hide somewhere, and when I finally coaxed her out of her hiding place and put the Advantage on, she would be quite visibly bothered — rubbing herself around the carpet and trying to get the medicine off her coat.

At my vet’s suggestion, I switched to Frontline. Aisha was much more comfortable and cooperative when I applied Frontline on her. I found the treatment to be as effective for flea and tick prevention and did not have to deal with ticks and fleas on Aisha. Anyway, whether it’s Frontline, Advantage or something else (such as K9 Advantix), definitely use some flea and tick preventive regularly. We are now blessed to have another puppy, called Daizy. She was 8 weeks old when she arrived into our lives. I’ve been tracking her growth and antics on my blog at Daizy’s Life. I just applied her very first dose of frontline which I really liked. I really recommend this store to all of you for buying your frontline and other flea and tick prevention medications.

Nancy Hollister loves dogs, and especially Golden Retrievers. She enjoys training dogs and writes several articles about dogs, with a special focus on preventive health medicine.

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