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Music Specifically For Dogs

Believe it or not, there are people out there who make music specifically for dogs. Most of this sort of music is based around the research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, dubbed the “Einstein of the ear” for his insight into psychoacoustics, or the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system. Continue reading “Music Specifically For Dogs”

Tuscan Garden Design – Plants For Italian Gardens

Many garden designers in Italy are now using Mediterranean plants to save on water consumption. Mediterranean plants are also being used in dry Californian gardens, Australian gardens and, surprisingly, in English gardens, where climate change is having a dramatic effect even there. Continue reading “Tuscan Garden Design – Plants For Italian Gardens”

Silverfish Extermination

A clear cut sign that you may need silverfish extermination in your home is if you find damaged wallpaper. This is an insect that is labeled as quite a pest because it can do a great amount of damage to your home as well as the contents that are in it. Silverfish love sugar and starch and since starch is found in paper and glue, wallpaper is generally the first thing target. They also eat yarn and silk found in your clothing and love any damp areas that they can find in your home. You can Continue reading “Silverfish Extermination”

How To Properly Wash Your Dog

Just like with people, you will probably find it easier to get things done with your dog if you set a regular time and day for it. Even though they can’t read calendars, our furry friends have a way of keeping track, so setting up a routine for baths will make the whole process go more smoothly. Continue reading “How To Properly Wash Your Dog”

Creating Compost to Grow an Amazing Garden

Adding compost to your vegetable garden provides an excellent natural fertilizer. Compost is a mixture of organic matters such as leaves, manure, table scraps. These items are left in a pile to decay where soil organisms will break it down into a fine, homogeneous soil additive for your garden. Continue reading “Creating Compost to Grow an Amazing Garden”

How To Build A Flower Garden

Flower gardening is a very popular hobby, and is getting larger with each new season. There are many ways to get information about this topic, especially for the beginning. Even if you have some experience with gardening, you can find more information on any aspect that you may wish to explore. Continue reading “How To Build A Flower Garden”

Landscaping – How to Order Topsoil

Topsoil comes by the yard in 10 wheel dump trucks. There is no large company that hauls topsoil. Nearly all carriers are local to the geographic area and will charge for the dirt based on how far away they must carry the load. For this reason, it’s best to get dirt that is mined close to your home or business. Continue reading “Landscaping – How to Order Topsoil”

Advantage Or Frontline For dogs?

About 10 years ago, my husband and I were truly blessed to get a best friend into our lives and house — a Golden Retriever puppy, who we called Aisha, She was an absolutely wonderful dog who touched our lives in innumerable ways. She was a fully integrated member of our family, and participated in everything we did– whether it was going for long hikes, snuggling with us on weekend mornings, playing with the kids, or visiting friends. Continue reading “Advantage Or Frontline For dogs?”

Spring Vegetable Gardening

One of the greatest pastimes that leads to the most satisfaction for a person who has a yard is spring vegetable gardening. Vegetable gardening is quite possibly one of the world’s most wholesome pastimes. Whether you’d love to grow your own salad, or just plant a few herbs to spice up your pasta, spring vegetable gardening is the hobby for you. Continue reading “Spring Vegetable Gardening”

Landscape Design Courses – Grooming The New Lawn

Lots of people dream of having a lawn that looks like it spilled from the pages of Home and Garden or Southern Living. Few, however, have a clue where to begin or the desire to perform the required labor. They know they want beautiful flowers, interesting outdoor rooms, or winding paths, but their minds boggle when faced with terms like soil acidity and pruning. And do not even mention trying to coordinate bloom times so the lawn is always awash in color of some kind! Continue reading “Landscape Design Courses – Grooming The New Lawn”

Growing a Rock Garden – Planning, Design and Imagination

Looking for a way to beautify your garden, while making sure it remains easy to take care of? Rock gardening could be perfect for you in the front yard or backyard. Rock gardens are especially practical in areas of your yard which are quite dry, but can look great in water run off areas as well. Adding rocks in these runoff areas imics the look of river beds. Continue reading “Growing a Rock Garden – Planning, Design and Imagination”

Pruning Trees And Shrubs In The Spring – What You Should Be Pruning And What You Should Not

Pruning is one of the most critical gardening tasks, determining whether the garden plants will develop satisfactorily or not. Carried out correctly and at the right time, the trees grow in the desired manner, the bushes look lush, green and healthy, and the flowering plants brighten up the garden with color. Performed at the Continue reading “Pruning Trees And Shrubs In The Spring – What You Should Be Pruning And What You Should Not”

Low Cost Compost Bins – Buying An Inexpensive Composter

For most gardeners there are times of the year when the garden is creating a lot of waste that is best used to create compost and kept out of the landfills. If you have spent anytime gardening, you know the benefits from composting both to your garden and to the overall ecosystem we live in. The problem is not convincing you to compost, but to find ways to do it easily but without taking a large chunk of change from your wallet. Continue reading “Low Cost Compost Bins – Buying An Inexpensive Composter”

Diabetes And Your Dog

Diabetes is something that as humans, we know we are all potentially at risk of developing. That’s why it’s important to eat a healthy diet and cut back on all the sugary cookies, muffins and other tempting snacks. But diabetes isn’t a disease that is unique to humans. Your faithful canine companion Charlotte is also at risk for this disease. Although it sounds a bit scary, it’s not as bad as it may seem: most research shows that with treatment, diabetic dogs live just as long as non-diabetic dogs. But what exactly is canine diabetes and how is it treated? Continue reading “Diabetes And Your Dog”

Bonsai Beginner – The Tools You Need To Successfully Grow A Bonsai Tree

Over the years people have compared the art of Bonsai to photography. Not because they are particularly similar, but more because of the expensive additional equipment you can buy to complement the basic hobby. Now don’t get me wrong some tools can be extremely helpful, especially if you are a Bonsai beginner, but its important to realize that no one tool will magically turn your tree into an instant master piece. Continue reading “Bonsai Beginner – The Tools You Need To Successfully Grow A Bonsai Tree”

Garden Design – The Role Of Emphasis Plants In Creating A Composition

The principles of good design by being universal rules, apply in any and every situation where different objects are put together to make an aesthetic impression. This is the case whether one is writing a novel, composing a symphony, choosing an outfit for a social event, or creating an ornamental garden. Design principles are commonly and mistakenly confused with personal taste or style. Personal taste, legitimate as it may be, is subjective. Good or bad do not come into it. On the Continue reading “Garden Design – The Role Of Emphasis Plants In Creating A Composition”

Garden Design – What Approach To Take When Designing Different Areas Of The Same Plot

A design problem common to all gardens, but particularly pertinent to small private ones, is what to do with the different areas that surround the house. This question invariably arises in suburban plots typified by a front and back garden separated by the house, and an entrance way between the two. Continue reading “Garden Design – What Approach To Take When Designing Different Areas Of The Same Plot”

Southern Flowers

I’m a Southern girl by birth. I live in Colorado now, but you know what they say: “You can take the girl out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the girl!” I recently spent a couple of months in Georgia with a friend this past spring. I definitely do not want to live there. Humidity and mosquitoes are enough to drive me away, but oh those southern flowers! Continue reading “Southern Flowers”