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Landscape Design Courses – Grooming The New Lawn

Lots of people dream of having a lawn that looks like it spilled from the pages of Home and Garden or Southern Living. Few, however, have a clue where to begin or the desire to perform the required labor. They know they want beautiful flowers, interesting outdoor rooms, or winding paths, but their minds boggle when faced with terms like soil acidity and pruning. And do not even mention trying to coordinate bloom times so the lawn is always awash in color of some kind!

Fortunately, that is what landscape designers are for! The career is definitely rewarding and challenging, calling for all kinds of talents. Good designers are artistic, creative, knowledgeable about the plant kingdom, and even engineers in a sense!

There is more to planning a beautiful landscape than meets the eye. Landscaping does more than just look pretty, after all. A well-maintained lawn and garden increases a home’s value. The right bushes can block an unsightly view on neighboring property, absorb street noise, or shield your lawn from wind. Plantings can be used to hide ugly elements such as a concrete foundation, a utility meter, or a propane tank.

Many elements can be employed to add interest to any lawn. Outdoor rooms can be designed with bushes and screens of flowering vines to create privacy. Constructions such as quaint potting sheds or gazebos are sometimes incorporated. And any good landscape designer can create a maze of paths that lend a sense of space to even the tiniest suburban lawn! Path construction is an important consideration, and a landscaper must be familiar with all the various paving materials and have a creative eye for laying out interesting pathways. One final element to learn is lighting-you want your design to look just as lovely at night as it does during the day.

Clearly, there is a lot to learn in landscape design courses. Luckily, there are online programs that teach this vibrant career so you can learn in the comfort of your own home. Classes are interesting and affordable. A landscaping career is a great way to get outdoors, use your artistic talent, and create something beautiful and lasting.

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